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Market outlook

Every Sunday  we bring to you our weekly market outlook on what our traders are focusing on for the week.


With over 300 members in our community worldwide we welcome you to learn, interact & trade with us

6 month mentoring programme

This is a 6 month trading programme with a goal to empower traders to learn, improve and take their trading to an institutional level.

Learn Interact Trade

Lit Capital has a variety of features that make it the best place to learn how to start trading. Our course is designed to help you prepare for success in the financial markets. Not only will we teach you the technical and fundamental side of trading, we will also teach you the mentality needed to trade like a pro.

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What We Offer
Understand how financial institutions trade the markets by using smart money concepts and learning from our professionals.
Technical analysis uses charting patterns and techniques to predict future price movements.
Technical Analysis
Live Streams
Every Tuesday -Friday from 6:30am - 8:30am catch our traders live streaming the London session and interact with our members in the community.
Trading Tools
Familiarise yourself with advanced strategies and trading tools. Take your trading to the next level.
Mindset training
Understand the importance of having the right mindset whilst trading; and how you can train yours to be successful in this industry.
Risk Management
Get to know why you should focus on position sizing and why risk management is crucial to trading success

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Thanks to Lit Capital I am able to trade on my own and get consistent results using the strategies I have learned by the team.

Coming from Poland I have found it harder than usual to find a good educator in forex, Lit Cap have really taken my trading to the next level. Money day Guys

Want to give a massive shoutout to the team at Lit Capital, Thanks to them my trading is now consistent and the community they've created is truly Lit! # Monday

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