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Being a trusted partner of Lit Capital gives you the opportunity to earn a substantial monthly income from your marketing skills.

Whether you have an active social media presence, have an established database or own a high traffic website we can work with you to create an attractive re-numeration package that you can benefit from.

Growing Trading Education Business

Growing Industry

Be part of our accelerated growth as we expand and work with traders from all over the world including Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and South America.

Private trading has never been more popular. With financial news dominating media outlets, the interest from male and females from all backgrounds has never been higher.

Trusted Brand

We will work and provide you with all assets you need to make your campaign a success. From tracking links, banners, emails, images and videos, we can help you generate exposure for your campaign.

Full Support

With excellent customer service, you can be confident to know your clients will be looked after. We deliver the highest possible standard to our clients and offer full support in business development.

Great Payouts

Earn a payout on every single client you refer and also earn extra revenue if these clients go on to purchase other training products.

Monthly Returns

Receive your commission on the 5th day of the following month and reap the benefits of your hard work consistently month on month.

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