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Become a Junior Educator

By completing our 6 month program you will be given the chance to become a junior educator at lit capital

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Junior Educator

Once you have finished your 6 month mentoring program with Lit Capital you will be given a chance to become a junior educator which will enable you to teach new students the first opening stage of their mentoring program with us.


As part of our help to create more jobs campaign we will provide an adequate wage respective of the time you spend teaching someone.

All junior educators must graduate from our 6 Month mentoring program in order to be able to become a junior educator at Lit Capital.

Requirement : 

Must complete 6 month mentoring programme

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Get Funded Capital

once you graduate from our Academy you can become eligible for funding of up to £100,000 which can give you the best possible chance to create a financially free lifestyle.

You will have the chance to capitalise on all the strategies you have learned from our educators and execute your trade ideas with financial backing power and a support network that can keep you inside a winning community.

Requirement : 

Must complete 6 month mentoring programme

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