The Founders

Jacob Thomas

Co-Founder & Chief Trader

Coming from no previous experience in trading & working as a gas engineer I decided to take the time to learn how to trade and find a  skill which would allow me to invest some of my savings for a future profit. The main reason for getting into trading was due to me investing into cryptocurrency and looking at those charts thinking to myself it was my duty to understand what exactly i was looking at, there was no point in just being advised to put money into something without researching what it is so I started learning to trade. Whilst coming across many people in this industry and taking in a number of different strategies, I started to notice a similar pattern in that most retail traders view the markets the same way and those ways in fact are not profitable long term or consistently. It was not until my eyes were exposed to smart money concepts that I really began to understand that there is an actual way in which the financial markets like to participate in the markets and i mapped out the specific things that happen over and over in order to form strong confirmations. Being apart of Lit Capital we share a vision of empowering people coming from all walks of life, to learn what we know and capitalise in making your money work for you.

Cavell Poleon

Founder & Chief Trader

I started my journey in the financial markets back in 2012 as an investment advisor, through exploring and learning the various elements of what drives the financial markets it was through great interest and exploration that i came across the foreign exchange market and became a student to learning how the financial institutions control the order flow of money circulating in the world. After venturing into the cryptocurrency world around early 2015 it became apparent to learn the skill set of understanding how the financial markets work and with constant education and backtesting 5 years later i became an educator in forex and always a student to the game.

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